Goh has a vast local and international education background with a breath of experience in both the Malaysia and Australia curricula. He has over 25 years of experiences in teaching-learning, instructional design, postgraduate supervision, consultation, research and development at tertiary institutions in Malaysia and Australia.

download (2) Currently, Goh is a Associate Professor at the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) from August 2002 and he served as Director of University Press from 2002 – 2005. He has extensive teaching experience in both undergraduate and postgraduate programme by Research or Taught Course. He was the founder and Coordinator for Doctor of Information Technology at Faculty of Information Technology and Communication. August 2002 – Present
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Subjects Taught:


  1. DITU 3964 – Diploma Project


  1. BITM 2113 – Web Development (Online learning)
  2. BITS 2513 – Internet Technology  (Mobile learning)
  3. BITU 2913 – Workshop I
  4. BITU 3923 – Workshop II
  5. BITU 3973 – Honour Project I
  6. BITU 3983 – Honour Project II
  7. BITU 3926 – Industry Training
  8. BITU 3946 – Industry Training Report

Postgraduate by Taught Course:

  1. MITI 5113 – Artificial Intelligence (Mobile  learning)
  2. MITP 5423 – Advanced Topic in Software Intelligence (Online learning)
  3. MITP 5413 – Distributed Systems and Internet Technology (Online learning)

Postgraduate by Research:

  1. Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering and Intelligence)
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science
murdoch During PhD and Postdoctoral candidacy, Goh  actively taught undergraduate, Doctor of IT and supervised Master and PhD students, he also facilitated school’s staff members to use Lectopia or iLecture, an Online Learning Management System (LMS) at Murdoch University, Western Australia. March 2005 – 2009

Subjects Taught:

  1. ICT 332 – E-Commerce and Virtual Organisations

Postgraduate by Taught Course (Master and Doctor of IT):

  1. ICT 619 – Intelligent Systems Applications

Postgraduate by Research:

  1. Master of Information Technology
  2. Doctor of IT (DIT) in Information Technology
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Technology
download (3) Goh have undertaken roles which include teaching, postgraduate supervision,  R&D, consultation, founder and chair of the Centre for Computer Languages. He also served as Program Chair and  Acting Dean at Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST), Multimedia University. Nov 1999-July 2002

Goh have taught in various subjects for the Bachelor degree programs in Computer Science. The subjects include Internet Computing, Object-Oriented Programming, TCP/IP Programming, Operating System Honour Project and Industrial Training and Operating System. Goh have received a good teaching feedback which has brought him to receive Letter of Excellence for Teaching Award,:

  1. Letter of Excellence for Teaching Award, Internet Computing (Web Programming), Trimester 3, Session 2001/2002, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia, 2002
  2. Letter of Excellence for Teaching Award, Object-Oriented Programming (Java Programming), Trimester 1, Session 2002/2003, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia, 2002
He was also involved in designing and writing an online learning educational content for Multimedia Learning Systems (MMLS). MMLS has won prestigious awards in e-learning includes “Best of Smart Learning Application” in the Asia Pacific Multimedia Super Corridor information Technology and Telecommunication Award (APMITTA), Best of Education in the Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA), http://www.mmu.edu.my/awards/view_award.php?idr=20031206091506
Multimedia Learning System (MMLS) site
download (1) Goh have taught in various subjects for the Bachelor degree programs in Education and Computer Science. Beside teaching, Goh also involved in development of the Hand-held English-Chinese Electronic Dictionary, funded by an international project between Hong Kong, -China and -Penang, 1990 and Development of Interactive Multimedia for Health Education and Mass Communication” funded by Malaysian Government’s Intensified Research in Priority Areas, 1994. August 1990-October 1999

Subjects Taught:

  1. ICT in Education
  2. Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Prolog Programming
  5. Operating System
  6. Industry Placement
  7. Honours Project


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