Stadthuys Melaka back to 1880 with DeepAI

Stadthuys Melaka back to 1880 with DeepAI

Stadthuys’ (“town hall” in Dutch) is a historic building located next to Christ Church in Jalan Laksamana, Melaka, Malaysia. The building was built in 1650 as the official placement of the Dutch Governor and Deputy Governor, in which the structure of this building symbolizes the delicate art of Dutch design.

stadthuys2-bw Seen in the photo was a Chinese man wearing a towchang and a hat, a Malay man, and a child posing with their horse carriage (c. 1880). Copyright from PERZIM

The locals, Stadhuys is known as’ Red Building “because of its color. According to local stories, the original color red white building is converted by the English because he wanted to solve the problem of dirt wall Stadhuys always blotchy red because the habits of Malacca betel spit water all over the place. Then the entire outer wall Stadhuys which is the main building where residents deal has painted the color of the water piper ‘ to dirt intangible”.

Based on the previous article entitled “Deep Artificial Intelligence Bringing Back your Old Memories“, the photo above has been transformed or colorize by using DeepAI.  This process was done by a fully automatic approach that will generate realistic colorizations of Black & White (B&W) photos. The Artificial Intelligent (AI) approach is implemented as a feed-forward pass in a CNN (“ Convolutional Neural Network”) at test time and is trained on over a million color images as you can see below:


The current  Stadthuys is believed to be the oldest-surviving Dutch building in the East. It was the focal point of several successive governments (Dutch, Portuguese, British etc.) for over 300 years, from its completion until 1980. In 1982, Stadthuys was converted into a museum.  The renovated main building houses the Museum of History & Ethnography which showcases Malaccan customs and traditions as well as the city’s rich history, from the great Malay Sultanate to the Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations.

20200518_181421-smallStadthuys or Red Square photos has been taken during MCO on 20 May. ©osgoh, 2020.

360 Degree view of Stadthuys Melaka.  Click and drag the photo to look around. (©osgoh, 2020)

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