Let Us Pray For Flight MH370

Let Us Pray For Flight MH370

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has stunned Malaysians since early Saturday morning. A massive air and sea search, and now on land, has yielded nothing.

But Malaysians have come out in full force with encouragement, prayers, poems and kindness and empathy to reach out and embrace family members of the 239 passengers and crew members aboard the lost Boeing 777-200ER.

People want to do something, anything, to alleviate the pain and grief as the wait for news of any kind grows longer.

These are tough times for all, especially families and friends of those aboard the flight. Let us come together and help each other through this.


Netizens from around the world have come together with one heart and one mind to pray for the safety of the passengers and crew of the missing MH370 craft and encourage their families to stay strong and wait for good tidings of their loved ones.

There are people sharing information, news articles and stories of affected family members in a global show of solidarity.

Others are sharing uplifting photos and messages of hope.

A photograph that went viral was a sand sculpture by Indian artist Sudarshan Patnaik: a large MAS airplane and faces of passengers made of sand, with the words crafted from blue and red sand, “Pray God – Miracles Do Happen”.

He encouraged people to never lose hope.


 Source: The Star Online.


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