Kids Joy – The DeepAI do a Magic

Kids Joy – The DeepAI do a Magic

People, it seems, are never in complete control of their memories. Therefore, I am exploring the idea of what did the photographer taking this photo actually sees in his/her time with full colors, but unfortunately, the camera only capable to take a black and white during that moment. In addition, in the general belief that black and photos are outdated and have no place in modern society.

Hence, today I am decided to use deep learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence to bringing black and white photos to life. The original photo has been transformed or colorized and then enhanced using DeepAI. This process was done by a fully automatic approach that will generate realistic colorizations of Black & White (B&W) photos. The Artificial Intelligent (AI) approach is implemented as a feed-forward pass in a CNN (“Convolutional Neural Network”) at test time and is trained on over 1.3 million color images.

In this technique, I am using two stages which are automatic image colorization and image enhancement to recover the information from black & white photos.





PHOTOGRAPHER: Piyaphon Phemlaweepon

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