Goh research have been translated to commercial product such as eBee – Multimedia University Mascot, AgentM – Maybank Intelligent Customer Service, ISpark and FrontX Technology.

 AgentM Maybank Intelligent Customer Service or AgentM for, Maybank Sdn. Bhd, 2002 – 2006. In this project, the digital advertising initiatives used Intelligent Agent. The objective is to integrate and improve accessibility of Maybank2u services to Malaysian internet users
Visit Live Maybank AgentM Project In this project, the digital advertising initiatives used Intelligent Agent. The strategic alliance aims to combine the strength of Malaysia’s leading bank with the world’s leading consumer portal and enable Maybank to be more powerfully engaged with consumers across multiple digital touch points and reach its target customers. To date, has over 3.8 million registered users and used by an average of 118,000 people each day. Monthly transactions average more than 24 million. A key part of this alliance includes Agent-M, a Windows Live agent like an assistant, serving as a customer service agent to Maybank customers. It will help the customers to get in touch with Maybank and access information such as current account as well as answer questions from the customers including general knowledge. Maybank’s vice president, head, virtual banking Ahmad Shareza Abdul Rahman said by just asking questions to Agent-M, it will help customers access their banking, payment, entertainment, or e-commerce needs conveniently and in real time. Agent-M will help Maybank2u reach over one million Windows Live Messenger users in Malaysia who send over 27 million instant messages a day. Moreover, with the expansion of this alliance, Maybank will be able to reach more consumers within the 7.4 million-strong MSN and Windows Live community in Malaysia, he said. “The objective is to integrate and improve accessibility of Maybank2u services to Malaysian internet users. This research has been published in the 2nd International Conference on Neural Network and Computational Intelligence (NCI 2004) at

iSparkConsultation for the R&D Project, Advance Research Technology Sdn. Bhd, 2004. Initially iSpark iniatative was a consultation project which has been translated to commercilization. This products has been tested in KUTKM using internal Combustion Engine Basic Module (GUNT CT 159 from Germany). The horsepower and Torque Test has been certified by Autotronic Engineering (Singapore) using Dynapck Chassis Dynamometers and Emission Test certified by PUSPAKOM.                                                                                                                                                      
 eBeeThe eBee is an electronic robotic bee designed as MMU’s Mascot and now become MMU’s Corporate Identity. This research was funded by Multimedia University under research grant (PR/2002/0119) 2002.

Beside this research has become Corporate Identity of Multimedia University, eBee design has been commercialized as souvenirs products such as T-shirt design, Mugs, stickers, USB Pendrive, ceramic plates, art bus design, corporate promotion brochure, pamphlets and banners;  video production for MMU’s convocation, TV and entertainment Productions. Visit the origin of the eBee

Visit eBee Video Gallery Visit MMU Sourvenirs Shop
 FrontXInitially this project was a R&D project for development of the FrontX Technology  which have received a grant from Malaysia Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) and CitySoft Technology Sdn Bhd., 1999.  
Visit FrontX Technology website  Visit FrontX Store

FRONTX (Front X-tension) is a new product invented to extend and transfer computer ports to the front panel of your PC system. Its modular design allows you to customize your own ports selection. The 5.25″ FRONTX Casing has 4 port holding bays, i.e. 1 large bay and 3 small bays. The FRONTX Port is simply an extension cable fitted onto a custom designed port holder (face plate), which can be slotted into the port holding bay. It’s that simple!! You can order online the products at

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