Casa del Rio Hotel has a fusion of history and modernity with DeepAI

Casa del Rio Hotel has a fusion of history and modernity with DeepAI

Heraclitus a century-old warehouse that has served Melaka well has to make way for modernity. The old warehouse that served Melaka for more than 100 years before it became the current site of Casa Del Rio Hotel.

casa1The photo credit to  ©Shad Ower, MDD 2020 and was identified over 100 years ago.

Based on the previous article entitled “Deep Artificial Intelligence Bringing Back your Old Memories“, the photograph above has been transformed into Color by using DeepAI.  This process was done by a fully automatic approach that will generate realistic colorizations of Black & White (B&W) photos. The Artificial Intelligent (AI) approach is implemented as a feed-forward pass in a CNN (“ Convolutional Neural Network”) at test time and is trained on over a million color images as you can see below:

casa-colorizedThe original photo colorized using DeepAI, ©2020

The current building of the warehouse is now a famous 5-star luxury hotel called Casa Del Rio.It is the newest addition to the boutique collection of HPL Hotels and Resorts product portfolio which officially opened its doors on 20 April 2012.   Casa del Rio which in Spanish means “home by the river” is a mansion of opulence where “classic elegance meets contemporary design”.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the 66-room hotel is a haven of calm and luxury. It is sitting majestically on the riverbank of the historical Melaka river.

Having a prime position, the hotel is  located within a precinct of heritage buildings which gives a sense of tranquillity whilst guests could still relish the pulse and nightlife of the Historic city.

The hotel’s location allows easy access to shops, restaurants, harbor, and other popular attractions. The hotel is also situated close to the list of heritage sites namely, Admiral Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, A. Famosa, St. Paul’s hill, Stadthuys, and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

casa-2020casa-2020-2Currently, this warehouse served as Casa Del Rio, 5 star luxury hotel. Photo was taken during MCO on 22 May 2020, ©osgoh

360 Degree View of Melaka River.  Click and drag the photo to look around. (©osgoh, 2020)

You can try yourself by uploading your old black & white photos below.

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