Quadruple Helix Smart Partnership Roundtable Meetings

Quadruple Helix Smart Partnership Roundtable Meetings

Since the establishment of the Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor-Industry and Community (PPNC-JIM) in 2008, UTeM has implemented several proactive measures to create effective strategic networks with the industry. The strong networks involve cooperation with several Small and Medium Industries (SMEs), Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Government Agencies and Statutory Bodies.

This interconnected relationship will not only help to engage in research and innovation activities at UTeM, but also benefit all its affiliates and the nation. At PPNC-JIM, we associate knowledge, industry and human development to address challenges especially in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The strategic partnership will involve four parties namely academia, industry, government and local communities to develop a quadruple helix.

This will enhance the development of services and products to a more competitive level. Furthermore, the emphasis of TVET based on knowledge, science, technology and entrepreneurship in UTeM will spur the innovation efforts in line with the national vision. The uniqueness that differentiates the function of the PPNCJIM UTeM Office with other universities is that UTeM is the only university which conducts the Roundtable meetings. The meetings are held annually by gathering industry players as well as government and communities aimed at finding useful inputs in terms of development and improvement of the university.

Credits should be given to the industries involved for their commitment. Additionally, selected and qualified industry leaders are appointed as members of the Academic Advisory Panel or CEO@Faculty for academic teaching and learning purposes at the faculty. The Roundtable meetings held were CEO Roundtable (2012 & 2014), NGO Roundtable (2015), HRM Roundtable (2016), SME Roundtable (2017) and Smart IoT Roundtable (2018).

These Roundtable meetings enable UTeM to assist each industry to address issues related to the Industrial Revolution 4.0, besides being the gateway to the industry to increase their productivity by providing consultancy services and quality workforce resources. This contribution by industry helps to provide teaching and learning infrastructure in UTeM. These include the establishment of Samsung IoT Academy, STMicroelectronic IoT Lab, TokushimaUTeM Academic Centre, and UTeM Cybersecurity Satellite Laboratory. One example is the establishment of Samsung IoT Academy, which is the only centre for IoT-based academic programmes outside Samsung Headquarters in South Korea, at UTeM Technology Campus.

The establishment of this academy, which is not only the first in Malaysia, but also the first in the world, allows UTeM to equip students with technological skills. These skills include digital learning, information technology, effective communication and problem-solving using Samsung technology, thus recognising UTeM’s position as a hub of excellence in the transfer of knowledge and expertise between universities and industries.

The strategic collaboration and smart partnership earned UTeM and Samsung the Best Academia – Industry Collaboration Award in 2015. Indeed, such success is a recognition and honour for UTeM which is committed in creating an effective and sustainable partnership between academicians, industry and society to produce high-skilled graduates as well as to meet industry requirements. In fact, this achievement is also a recognition of UTeM’s efforts to become a centre of excellence in the transfer of knowledge and expertise between universities, industries and communities. Finally, this coffee table book is successfully published.

Congratulations and thank you to the Publication Committee. This book can be a reference to a success story on the execution of partnership among the university, industry, government and community at UTeM.

Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Industry and Community Network
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

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