BITS2513 – Internet Technology

BITS2513 – Internet Technology

BITSWorld РPromoting Visit Malaysia 2014 through Responsive Design Website using GPS Technology Supported by Android Mobile Apps


  • To expose the BITS2513 (Internet Technology) students to the latest internet technology on Responsive Design Website using GPS Technology supported by Android Mobile Apps
  • To represent tourism in a more interactive and informative way to attract potential tourist from all around the world in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014
  • To promote and facilitate the development and promotion of media and marketing strategies for Visit Malaysia 2014
  • To strengthen the ties between the industry and all local, state and federal government stakeholders with an interest in tourism to invest in any sector of the tourism industry

  • Improving the quality of tourism standard in Malaysia in terms of promotion and higher income throughout the process
  • Maximize the opportunity and growth of tourism in Malaysia by increasing the investment globally by attracting potential tourist
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