Deep Artificial Intelligence (DeepAI) bringing back your old memories

Deep Artificial Intelligence (DeepAI) bringing back your old memories

The human brain often recalls past memories (seemingly) unprompted. People, it seems, are never in complete control of their memories, but now intelligence (AI), and researchers are exploring the idea of what did the photographer taking this photo actually sees in his/her time with full colours, but unfortunately, the camera only capable to take a black and white during that moment.

Hence, today I am decided to use deep learning, a subset of AI to bringing black and white photos to life.  In this technology, we used Algorithmia model (created by Zhang et al) is trained using 1.3 million images from ImageNet — a commonly used image database created by researchers at Stanford University and Princeton University. To convert the black and white images photos, we deployed a technique in deep learning known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) or DeepAI.

Automatic colourization is an area of research that possesses great potentials in applications:  from black & white photos,  augmentation of greyscale drawings to re-colourization of images.


Till today, base on the existing training image dataset, the current model performs well on high-resolution images that prominently feature human subjects and natural scenery. Following are photos, we believe DeepAI able to correct objects in the photo and colour them accordingly:

5th Solvay Conference on Electrons and Photons on 24-29 October 1927  (Photo credit to Wikipedia)solvay-conference-colorized-image-comparisonWorld’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory in yearly Solvay Conference.  The leading figures were  Niels Bohr (last in the 2nd row) with other prominent scientists, including Madam Curie and Albert Einstein at the 5th Solvay conference, Brussels in 1927. 

Melaka Stadthuys on 1964  (photo credit to Melaka Dulu-dulu)red-house-bw-colorized-image-comparison

Sultan Abdul Samad Building on 1957 (Photo credit to Wikipedia)dataran-merdeka-colorized-image-comparison

Stadium Merdeka  on 1957 (Photo credit to Wikipedia)merdeka-colorized-image-comparison

Melaka River on 1936 (photo credit to Melaka Dulu-dulu)melaka-1936-colorized-image-comparison

Kampung Morten on 1963 (photo credit to Melaka Dulu-dulu)morten-sg-colorized-image-comparison

If you want to train and build your own AI using black and white photographs, you can try using DeOldify Following a 5-minute tutorial video that will show you how to use #DeOldify on Google Colab for the training and then colourize your black & white photos.  The source code available at github open-source 

Try upload your old black & white photos below.

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