Skills & Strenghts

Increasingly due to the complexity of today’s research problems, science and engineering research projects both in industry and academe are being accomplished through group rather than individual investigator efforts. Single investigators may not have the time, skills, and/or expertise to accomplish the various tasks that must be carried out successfully in order to successfully tackle the problem of interest.


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Conceptual Analysis
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Our Strenghts

ICT and Security Team

Our research centre combines mathematics, computer science and engineering to engage in novel research towards deepening our understanding in quantum science and technology.

Wireless Communications

The Wireless Communication and Networking laboratory conducts research into emerging technologies for next generation mobile communication systems.

Applied Mathematics

Applied and computational mathematics seeks to find solutions arise in the real world, comprising techniques for modelling, analysis, algorithm development, and simulation.

Pervasive Intelligence

Our strengths include expertise in a wide range of artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality, sensor processing and sensor fusion.

Big Data & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a major driver of IT spending and that harness the intelligence of big data and act on it accordingly can expect to gain a significant competitive edge.

Unmanned Surveillance

We specialize in surveillance, Preparing maps and simulation missions, preparing maps and intelligence reports, analyzing geographical photographs and video.