• Big Data Pattern Recognition from Live Streaming videos and photos
  • Cloud Computing Creating trusted, secured, reliability and privacy cloud-computing platform
  • Solar Power To develop a Self-Charging Solar Cells for unmanned aircraft
  • Unmanned Vehicles Advanced Research in Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Scopes of our Research

Privacy & Big Data

Finding the right balance between privacy risks and Big Data rewards may very well be the biggest public policy challenge of our time. It calls for momentous choices to be made between weighty policy concerns such as public surveillance, on the one hand, and individuals’ rights to privacy, fairness, equality and freedom of speech, on the other hand.
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Cloud Computing & National Security

The focus of the project is accountability under data protection laws for personal data processed in cloud and we will also consider how our proposed accountability mechanisms might apply to certain types of confidential information that do not involve personal data.
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Solar Charger for UAV

This study mainly focuses on examining the efficiencies of the live charging using solar charger for Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This study also involves the computation for the complete charging time of a 1220 mAh Li-ion battery using solar charger.
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

This research team developed a scope of services and development of the concept. The main objective of the research project was to develop the design and integration of a system that could provide data obtained from public surveillance using UAV.
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Our Previous Projects